What Is Learning Management Software (LMS)?

Education is the key to success. It opens doors of opportunity; It allows individuals to sharpen their skills, expand their insights, and add value to your company. Perhaps the greatest aspect of education is that it never has to stop. Microlearning is becoming increasingly popular and is a trend you will want to pay attention to if you are aiming to retain high performing employees. After all, one of the key motivators that keep employees engaged in their role (more than money) is access to continuous LMS. Furthermore, while this may be an added advantage for some, continued training is necessary for others, especially those who work in legal and professional service firms.

What is Learning Management Software and What Can It Do for Your Business?

Learning management system is a software application that facilitates e-learning. Broadly speaking, an LMS is used by instructors to organize, distribute, and grade course material, and can be used by the learner to attend training courses, enhance their skills, assess and gain access to the latest industry knowledge. To keep up to date with. An LMS allows for streamlined communication between instructors and learners as well as progress tracking and reporting.

This software has become incredibly useful in the corporate sector as it can support orientation training during onboarding, facilitate ongoing training and education, and enable credit compliance tracking, particularly in the professional services industry. Can do. Given the demand for continuous learning nowadays, an effective LMS will ultimately help you invest in your workforce and retain employees.

What to Look for in an LMS Solution

When it comes to investing in software for your business, it is always wise to make sure that the tool you choose is the right one for the job. Since there are many options available, we have compiled an overview of what to look for when choosing the best LMS solution. In short, your LMS should: Keep track of required credits in different jurisdictions and industries, or even better, link courses and courses to required credits, if applicable to your field of work.

Support different types of learning such as e-learning, quick reference guides, YouTube video classes, and more. Integrate with common online conferencing platforms such as GoToMeeting or Go To Webinar. Include functionalities that support functionality, allow easy access to information and provide important reminders. Integrate with other talent management systems so you can assess and address skill gaps and monitor people’s performance and improvement over time.


For example, increase talent management efficiency through the ability to manage the size of course attendees or meeting rooms.
Allow employees to create, upload and share content with others.
Improve your learning library by enabling staff to evaluate and review the quality of material.
Try out our complete Learning Management System and Credit Tracking Tool

Our LMS is a complete learning solution designed for firms in the professional services industry, allowing lawyers, consultants, engineers and accountants among other professionals to keep their skills and credentials up to date, where applicable.

It supports any number of learning materials and allows you to create learning paths at different levels, including junior and senior colleagues. Vi’s LMS supports any learning material and includes key functionalities such as automatic push notifications, a global credit compliance tracking engine, and reporting and analytics. It has a full credit engine built in and is already loaded with all the CLE credit regulations for law firms in every jurisdiction in the world. With this engine you can build a firm ‘university’ with credits and track who is behind and on track. Our LMS also integrates with your performance management process, leading to meaningful growth at the individual and company level.

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